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Lesson 5 – Security in Bluetooth LE communication


Securing a Bluetooth LE link is one of the main requirements when developing a Bluetooth LE application. The Bluetooth LE protocol offers many features related to security, including authentication, integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

In this lesson, we will introduce the security features offered in Bluetotoh LE, both legacy security and LE Security Connections, and cover the pairing process for both methods. We will discuss the main security concerns within Bluetooth LE and how to combat them using different security levels, and the use of a Filter Accept List when establishing and encrypting the connection.

In the exercise section of this lesson, we will first practice adding pairing support to an application. Then we will build on this, by adding bonding and taking a look at how to use the bonding information to create a Filter Accept List and advertising using a Filter Accept List.


  • Understand the basics of authentication and encryption procedures
  • Learn about different security levels and security concerns in Bluetooth LE
  • Get to know the Filter Accept List
  • Learn the difference between Legacy pairing and LE Secure Connections pairing
  • Go through the steps needed to add pairing support to an application, and adding passkey authentication to the pairing.
  • Practice through hands-on exercises adding a Filter Accept List to the application and how to store and restore the bonding data from persistent memory.
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