Selecting your Bluetooth Low Energy Controller

When you are using Bluetooth Low Energy in your application, the application will use something called a Bluetooth Low Energy Controller for communication between your application and the radio transmitting and receiving Bluetooth Low Energy packets. Back in Lesson 2, we started by adding the Bluetooth stack by adding this line to our prj.conf file:

By adding this, the Bluetooth Low Energy stack is added to our project. By default when you enable the Bluetooth Low Energy stack in an application running on a Nordic chip, the Nordic Semiconductor’s Bluetooth Low Energy controller, called the SoftDevice Controller, will be used. To be precise, the SoftDevice controller is an implementation of something called the Link Layer, handling the communication between the application and the physical radio. So you do not need to add this to your configurations/KConfig, but keep in mind that it is set automatically.

The Softdevice Controller is tailored to run on the nRF52 and the nRF53 chips, but if you for some reason want to use Zephyr’s own open source Bluetooth Controller, you can simply add the following line to your prj.conf/KConfig.

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