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Bluetooth Low Energy Fundamentals

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Course description

The Bluetooth Low Energy Fundamentals course is an online, self-paced course that focuses on teaching the basics of Bluetooth LE using Nordic Semiconductor devices (nRF52 and nRF53 Series). Through hands-on learning, participants will learn how to create a Bluetooth LE prototype and establish a wireless, unidirectional and bidirectional data channel between two Bluetooth LE devices in a short period of time.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of the Bluetooth LE protocol and its layers, as well as knowledge of available APIs in the nRF Connect SDK, which is based on the Zephyr RTOS. Additionally, participants will have gained practical experience in configuring Bluetooth LE advertisements and connections, as well as insight into securing Bluetooth LE connections and inspecting packets over the air using nRF Sniffer


What you'll learn

Who should enroll in this course?

You should enroll to this course if you are interested in learning about the Bluetooth LE protocol and want to build a Bluetooth LE prototype using Nordic Semiconductor’s products. The course is aimed to embedded software engineers, firmware developers, or anyone interested in microcontrollers and embedded systems.

Estimated time

An estimate of about eight to ten hours in total is needed to finish this course. The actual time needed to finish the course will highly depend on your technical background and experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Get an overview of a Bluetooth LE application architecture
  • Learn about the available device roles and communication topology options covered by Bluetooth’s Generic Access Profile (GAP)
  • Practice through a hands-on exercise how to read the status of a button on your Nordic device via your smartphone by using the nRF Connect for Mobile app and establishing Bluetooth LE connection
  • Practice through a hands-on exercise how to toggle a LED on your Nordic device via your smartphone by using the nRF Connect for Mobile app and establishing Bluetooth LE connection
  • Understand the basics of the legacy advertising process and the different advertising parameters involved (advertising interval, TX power, channels, and PHY used)
  • Learn about advertising types (connectable vs non-connectable, scannable vs non-scannable, etc. )
  • Examine Bluetooth LE address types (Public, random, static, resolvable, etc.).
  • Learn how to use nRF Connect SDK API to configure all aspects of Bluetooth LE legacy advertising
  • Practice through hands-on exercises creating Bluetooth LE beacons
  • Practice through hands-on exercises configuring the advertising packet of a Peripheral device during the device discovery phase
  • Understand the connection process in Bluetooth LE
  • Learn about the different connection parameters and what they do
  • Learn how to change connection parameters
  • Practice through hands-on exercises how to establish a connection and modify various connection parameters
  • Understand the roles of the Generic Attribute Protocol (GATT) and Attribute Protocol (ATT)
  • Learn how GATT is used to represent/exchange data in Bluetooth LE connections
  • Examine the attributes table of a Bluetooth LE peripheral device
  • Master how to create GATT services and characteristics
  • Learn about the available standard Bluetooth LE services in nRF Connect SDK
  • Practice through hands-on exercises creating and adding custom and standard Bluetooth LE service and characteristics
  • Practice through hands-on exercises using GATT APIs (read, write, write with no response, notify, indicate)
  • Understand the security model available in Bluetooth LE
  • Examine the authentication and encryption procedures in Bluetooth LE
  • Examine the bonding procedure and how data is stored in the flash memory
  • Explore nRF Connect SDK Kconfig symbols related to security
  • Practice through hands-on exercises using the APIs in nRF Connect SDK to secure a Bluetooth LE connection
  • Learn how to use a Bluetooth sniffer to capture advertising packets
  • Learn how to install and run Nordic’s Bluetooth sniffer, nRF Sniffer, to capture and analyze Bluetooth LE packets
  • Using the nRF Sniffer, learn how to follow a connection and inspect the communication
  • Observe and decrypt the Bluetooth LE communication of a secured connection


Fundamental level
6 lessons
8–10 hours to complete
Certificate of completion


  • Basic knowledge in the C programming language.
  • Some experience in developing software for embedded systems.
  • nRF Connect SDK Fundamentals course
    • (Required) Lesson 1
    • (Recommended) Lesson 2 – Lesson 8

Hardware Requirements

System Requirements

  • A computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • An up-to-date web browser

Software requirements​

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