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Lesson 3 – Networking & sockets


Since the nRF70 Series is a companion IC, running in conjunction with a host MCU, it is important to learn which parts of the Wi-Fi stack are running on the nRF70 companion IC and which parts are running on the host MCU.

In the first part of this lesson, we will learn more about the protocol stack running on the host MCU, including the Wi-Fi Host stack, exploring the main aspects of the various networking levels. We will also shed some light on the TLS/DTLS protocols and briefly introduce how their certificates work. Afterward, we will learn about the importance of sockets and how they are used by application layer protocols for data exchange.

In the exercise section of this lesson, we will practice using the socket API to connect to a server, and using iPerf to measure the throughput of the established Wi-Fi connection.


  • Briefly examine the basics of network programming such as IP addresses, sockets, and transport layer protocols.
  • Learn how to use Zephyr’s socket API.
  • Practice through a hands-on exercise how to ping an echo server.
  • Practice through a hands-on exercise how to create a socket and use it to connect to a server and measure the throughput of data downloaded from that server.
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