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Lesson 1 – nRF Connect SDK Introduction


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The nRF Connect SDK is a software development kit for building low-power wireless applications based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52, nRF53, and nRF91 Series devices. We will take a look under the hood of the SDK to have a better understanding of its structure and content.

In the exercise section of this lesson, we will cover all the steps needed to download and install the nRF Connect SDK with the Visual Studio Code Integrated Development Environment (VS Code IDE). Then, we will test the installation by building and flashing the sample program blinky which toggles an LED on your Nordic Semiconductor board. Finally, we will cover how to modify the blinky source code and rebuild the program to make the LED toggle at a different frequency.

The exercise is divided into two parts:

  • Exercise 1 – Installing nRF Connect SDK and VS Code.
  • Exercise 2 – Building your first nRF Connect SDK application.


  • Understand the structure and content of nRF Connect SDK
  • Learn how to download and install nRF Connect SDK
  • Learn how to set up nRF Connect for VS Code extension pack
  • Examine west, which is a core command-line utility in nRF Connect SDK
  • Learn how to build applications
  • Learn how to flash applications to boards
  • Run your first application blinky, which toggles an LED on your Nordic-based board