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Lesson 3 – Elements of an nRF Connect SDK application


In nRF Connect SDK, an application has a number of different elements that are used by the build system in some way to create the final runnable file. Understanding these elements, why they are needed and how they interact with each other is crucial when creating your own application. In this lesson, we will explore each of these elements to understand how they all function in relation to each other. In the exercise portion, we will create a minimal working application from scratch and add our own custom files and configurations to customize the application.

|-- CMakeLists.txt
|-- Kconfig
|-- prj.conf
|-- <board_name>.overlay
|-- src/
    |-- main.c


  • Understand the use of Kconfig configuration files to enable and configure the different software modules available in nRF Connect SDK
  • Examine an application configuration file and a board configuration file and understand the relation between them
  • Learn how to explore the available configuration options of a certain software module using guiconfig
  • Understand multi-image builds, and how a child-image is added to your application
  • Practice through hands-on exercise how to create an application from scratch, and how to add modules using Kconfig and modify the devicetree